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For a movie poster fan like myself, one of the special treats of the 86th Annual Academy Awards broadcast was seeing the lovely movie title cards that accompanied the nominee introductions and the In Memoriam segment of the show. The graphic package was produced by Mil+, which did the title cards for the last two Oscar telecasts. Creative directors Mamija Emran and Henry Hobson coordinated a team of artists for the work.

Emran explains that they “used the beam of light as our visual icon. The beam is significant in three ways: on a practical level it acts as the projector beam, it’s representative of the heroic aspect and finally it evokes the idea of a performer stepping out onto a grand stage.”

The traditionally gold statue was transformed into a glass-like figurine for the live theatrical experience.

Emran shared, “I enjoyed the glass Oscar statues which extend the visuals on stage, creating an iconic look. Instead of using gold or bronze, we wanted them to be translucent so that the glass produced a mirror effect.”

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