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Altar (2014-2015), could be introducing a weird take of Horror, you know... The one with stars we haven't seen in a while... But can still give brilliant performances... No? Well, it may just be around the corner, starring Matthew Modine (Alec) and Olivia Williams (Meg) the film will be taking a Yorkshire Horror cross Drama take on Horror in this Yorkshire film. After a wild shoot on Full Metal Jacket, we haven't really seen much of Modine, well apart from the occasional pop up on some good films. *Cough* The Dark Knight Rises *cough*, sorry I had a tickle in my throat. It may be quite strange to seem him back in his place as the main character, especially in a horror. To be honest I'm fairly excited, (not because my mum worked on it or anything). But she did tell me that he was possibly the kindest actor, and about how difficult it was working on Full Metal Jacket... At least we know that he hasn't allowed fame to go to his head. There has also been reports that Matthew Modine would like to be the new Doctor Strange, and I back him up completely.

Matthew Modine comparison.
Matthew Modine comparison.

I see the similarities, there are also other images on the internet, or on his Twitter page that he has re-tweeted/tweeted, although it has been reported Mads Mikkelsen is being eyeballed for this role, so we'll just have to see. It has also been reported that Matthew Modine is now directing a new film called 'The Rocking Horseman' which will be based in the 1960's about the good times of Rock n' Roll, following four teenage boys in their journey to make their own band (source:IMDb) which he launched a campaign for, but strangely not on any of the well known ones, a new site called 'slated' which is currently in BETA, there have been rumours that Sean Astin (Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring) (Source:IMDb) will be joining in the cast, so another old face will be returning to the big screen. (If it is coming to big screen that is) but there will be reports on that soon to come hopefully.


So, what do you think? I'm interested to hear your say on Matthew Modine's return as , any complaints, or do you think it would be quite nice to see him back?



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