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The fevered debate is still raging, please allow Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four & others back into MCU fold. Well if the properties can't be bought, taken by force or by other means by Marvel. How do you get them? Look at it as a business, what benefits the other studios in bringing their characters into the MCU. One word - MONEY! What about money? They make bank all day long with their movies. If they took their capital & invested in another business they could double, triple or quadruple their money. How could they & Marvel create a shared business venture? Infinity Gauntlet! One movie, one deal to share the universe & the main way to reap the rewards.

The main contributors needed to make this work is Sony's Spider-Man, Fox's X-Men & Fantastic Four. The deal would be any shared movies each studio would get any profits from movies & merchandise. Why wouldn't you like to double your money? Companies do it on a daily basis & become filthy rich; just look at Wall Street! We know Spider-Man has a few movies in it, including Sinister Six & Venom. Fox is allowing a new & younger; plus very confusing Fantastic Four if the rumors are true. Yea we are talking female Doctor Doom & weird & uncertain kinship between Sue & Johnny storm! Then you have X-Men which we know we got one more movie with Age of Apocalypse & now a the possibility of X-Force too. Not to mention Hugh Jackman talking the end of his Wolverine & a possibility of a new Wolverine being auditioned. So now what?

One simple joint movie to end all movies & one that would blow box office records for the next hundred years is simply, Infinity Gauntlet. A Multi-studio, Marvel production with characters from each studio appearing with an ending so big, so explosive that it'll be talked about years to come. So where do we being?

A one shot movie Marvel is so famous for giving; simply called Thanos Quest. Taking the Infinity Gems already are being shown in multiple MCU movies & Thanos appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy, assuming this is the beginning of his quest for the gems. So a one shot movie could introduce us to Death & lay the groundwork for things to come as Thanos begins the building of the Infinity Gauntlet. Featured in this one shot could be some Avengers, maybe SHIELD & maybe even Netflix's Defenders series Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil & Jessica Jones bringing some cohesiveness to MCU. So we move on to Infinity Gauntlet movie, in which for multiple reason's need to change the storyline to make it work.

So one thing is true Thanos now has possession of the Infinity Gauntlet & wearing it. Like the storyline most superheroes are killed by Thanos for the love of Death. Another key feature from the comic is Thanos resurrects Nebula for Death, so we have Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy so here is a line that could connect movies. If it is true Marvel has possession of Silver Surfer & Galactus we can continue threading from the comic to movie. In the comic Silver Surfer crashes into Dr. Strange's home searching for help. Here is a perfect way to introduce a new Silver Surfer in the MCU & tie Dr. Strange from his solo movie to the forthcoming MCU in this one shot movie. Plus close Avenger's franchise, introduce Defenders to big screen & bring in other characters to setup solo movies or tie-ins. So after the extermination of life as in the comic Hawkeye is dead & this could translate into the MCU & give a chance for a Hawkeye reboot as speculated. Second with rumors RDJ is coming to an end with Iron Man then we can add him to the casualties. Leaving SHEILD & the remaining Avengers made up of say Captain America, Hulk, Falcon, Vision & Ant Man with the Dr. Strange upon losing Wong, Defenders (Netflix) & Guardians of the Galaxy to help stop Thanos. Also as in the comics bring in the Kree even allowing Captain Marvel to appear say as in the comics with the death of Kree empress S'byll. Introduce Black Bolt & even the Inhumans as more allies. Also bring in Namor with his allegiance to Atlantis. This movie has to be looked at as a war movie besides a comic movie or a action movie. People will die, there will be destruction, Earth will be changed for ever & people we have got attached to & loved from franchises will die as well. We will cram heroes & Marvel characters in this till there is no room as this is just a one shot, free for all, no holds bar, true adaption of what a comic to movie would look like. Maybe not even a one shot, but 2 movies to film it right.

The movie could open with Thanos wearing the gauntlet & sitting on a throne next to Death. Have Thanos have conversations with Death trying to get her affection. In a act of his love have him kill a large part of heroes, aliens, villains & humans alike. Then the United States losing the West Coast & East Coast is hit with a Tsunami. In space Adam Warlock is finally featured contacting & introducing Quasar. In Asgard, Thor & family is made of aware of the situation; but a earthquake caused by Thanos traps Thor in Asgard & is also responsible for the destruction on earth. Just like the comics Japan is gone & the other continents suffering massive damage. Then introduce the new Silver Surfer crashing into Dr. Strange's home. The Kree losing S'byll & Captian Marvel going off into space for answers. Bring in Ms. Marvel to the fray. Then show the Avengers dealing with the death of Hawkeye, Black Widow, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch & Iron Man If we can borrow Doctor Doom then we can add his storyline from the comic attacking Dr. Strange's home & seeking answers; thus tying Fantastic Four to this movie & make them dead as well to preserve a special ending.

The movie progresses & finally everyone is called to New York. The remaining Avengers lead by Captain America with Hulk, Falcon, Vision & Ant Man, then SHEILD lead by Fury, Defenders, Inhumans, Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel, Doctor Doom & Namor. They group & Dr. Strange transports them to space to team with Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer, Quasar, Guardians of the Galaxy, Galactus & others. First the cosmic beings attack Thanos; like in the comic Chronos, Master Order and Lord Chaos, Galactus, Stranger, Epoch, Mistress Love and Master Hate, even Death herself. Disrupting reality allowing Annihilus & his forces to attack earth destroying & killing. After the first wave doesn't have any effect & in the midst Thanos loses the gauntlet to Nebula. The cosmic beings are trapped in another reality & the remaining heroes are transported back to earth. Adam Warlock transports Thanos to a secret location to discuss his need for power, actions & to get his help getting the gauntlet back. As Adam Warlock tries to get Thanos to help the remaining heroes on earth are dealing with Annihilus & Nebula now armed with the Infinity Gauntlet.

The movie begins to end with the heroes, Doctor Doom & Thanos attacking Nebula with Annihilus now transported to another reality by Dr. Strange & Adam Warlock. Nebula is defeated, balanced restored including those dead heroes; then Thanos tries at the last moment to steal the Gauntlet but is defeated. But something is wrong the cosmics realize it as does Dr. Strange. At the closing of the movie and not waiting for a mid-credit story the money shot narrated by a MCU character saying something like, "They thought they were alone in the universe." While showing a new Avengers, SHEILD & Defenders standing in the streets of New York looking around we can see Punisher looking on from an alleyway. Then to saying something like, "Now they are surrounded by mystics & mysteries showing Dr. Strange in home." Then a shot of Ghost Rider on his bike, a European castle showing Blade fighting vampires, Werewolf By Night howling at the moon & Moon Night in an Egyptian tomb. Surrounded by mutants showing a newly re-casted X-Men. Surrounded by genetic anomalies showing Spider-Man & Fantastic Four. Surrounded by gods showing Thor & Namor. Surrounded by cosmics showing Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock, Inhumans, Guardians of the Galaxy & Ms. Marvel. They are all now in one reality Ying & Yang. The screen blacks but bursts opens up we see Venom, Carnage, Doctor Doom, Sinister Six, Dormammu, The Leader, Magneto, Sabertooth & other evil mutants, Loki, Red Skull, Skrull, Annihilus & other villains from MCU in one group shot before the it goes all black.

Boom! There you go one shot movie that would destroy the box office & make everyone money. Allowing for better or worse recasting Iron Man & Hawkeye, giving a newer younger X-Men which has been rumored including the same for Wolverine, a reboot of Fantastic Four under Marvels' direction, Allowing Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man to come over to the MCU without losing the multi-movie contract. Also, giving way to new Punisher, Ghost Rider, Blade & other movies. This is like a one shot comic showing characters soon to be featured or like a poster showing characters in a upcoming series. It shouldn't be debated as to crammed or to much in one movie, it is to give everyone what they want a movie with everyone in it & a backdoor to establish a Phase 4 or Phase 5 MCU.

There are so many theories for a layout for Infinity Gauntlet, epically who is in & whose out. The scenarios are endless! What's your thoughts true believers?


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