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Jennifer Lawrence might just be tasting the bitter sweet qualities of being America's sweetheart after her disappointing performance at The Oscars 2014. After all, popularity is subjective and being frenetically, cultishly adored in the public eye has huge perils.

JLaw is swiftly becoming the 'Nickelback' of acting, she is just too popular to be cool anymore. Saying your favourite actress is Jennifer Lawrence over say, Oscar snatcher Lupita Nyong'o is like admitting that you are a movie going layperson. Even if you are an informed person who adores her performances, confessing it is becoming a bit embarrassing.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a Lawrence denier. I love her quirky interviews, her immensely giffable gaffes and her refusal to conform to a demure feminine stereotype. I also think she is an immensely talented actress. Her performance in Winter's Bone was intuitive and immensely believable, and she brought color and depth to the potentially vacuous Rosalyn Rosenfeld in American Hustle.

The problem is not Lawrence herself, but the media's obsession with her. Do you remember the film Matilda? Jennifer Lawrence is that impossibly large chocolate cake, and we are Bruce Bogtrotter being forced to cram every last piece into our mouths until the thought of a gram more makes us feel sick.

No... More.... JLaw
No... More.... JLaw

I used to be sure that Lawrence was authentically quirky and hilarious, but now, like everyone else, I am more likely to doubt this. I have more than a sneaking suspicion this is because I'm being stuffed full of adorable Lawrence-isms like a foie gras goose. And, I don't like this.

The media is particularly fond of tearing down female celebrities for being 'fake' or 'manufactured' as if it just isn't possible for a woman to be consistently charming, and I don't want to join this bulls--t parade.

Alas, it is impossible to remain objective when you are subjected to a media wall of OMGZZZZZ JLAWWWW <3 <3 <3 whenever you enter any media website. Whether it is The Guardian, or Dlisted, Jennifer Lawrence is probably getting more coverage than all the other A-list stars put together and that's not her fault. That's ours.

How do you feel about Jennifer Lawrence? Do you find yourself wrinkling up your nose at just the mere sight of her? Did you think her second Oscars fall was a stunt? Maybe you are suffering from over exposure...

Do you think the media's obsession with Jennifer Lawrence is devouring her credibility as an actress and her likability as a person?

Please share your views below, and I promise I will be back to discuss with y'all.

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Do you think excessive media coverage is destroying Jennifer Lawrence's credibility, and likeability.


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