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The Age of the SuperHero is now!!!
Cyler Horsley

As we all know... Hugh Jackman and Wolverine have been associated with one another for over a decade. We have seen the great strides Jackman has taken to truly bring the true nature of the character and his ferocity. I am sure that if Wolverine actually existed in our world he would be proud of his performances through out his journey in the X-men Universe. But hey... people get old and unless they ever spin an old Logan story (that would be amazing right!) we will eventually need as with many actors playing iconic roles, a replacement and future actor to carry the future of the role and franchise will be needed. Here are my top three picks as to who could even come close to comparing with Jackman and possibly be even better:

Liam Hemsworth granted would need some practice on the acting side for embodying a great character. However he already brings to the table one of the most important parts... the look and instant image of, "Okay I see can see that". If we as an audience were ever going to see him in perhaps age of apocalypse.

Sam Worthington is a boss. From being a bad ass in a wheel chair in Avatar to the only truly good performance of the film "Clash of the Titans", he has shown us time and time again that he is a fierce actor and would bring the fierce personality of wolverine. I would really want to hear his American accent but I am sure it would not be any less fierce than what we would expect. This is probably my number one choice although slotted number two here.

The wild Card or most surprising pick I have for ya is none other that Ryan Gossling. He has the body and temperament of playing a bad ass such as we have seen in "Gangster Squad". Now the only drawback that could be present from Ryan's performance is the emotional almost scary feeling of having Wolverine staring you down on screen and truly feeling that rush of "Hide me mommy." All other things aside he is probably the best actor in terms of acting ability in this list and I would definitely love to see his audition piece for the character although this pick is the most un-likely.

Well give me your words of support or outrage!!! I cannot wait to see the future of this character and although Jackman will be probably the most missed iconic hero actor, hopefully he can have a son take up the reign in several years but until then we have to look at the present and work with what we got which is pretty exciting. Cannot wait for what could be his final outing as the character in "Days of Future Past."


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