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Am I supposed to be surprised that Jim Broadbent is playing Santa... Again? Well if you thought 'yes' then you are wrong, after voicing Santa in the 2011 Arthur Christmas, Broadbent is at it again, but this time, he's dressing up, and playing A gangster, wait... No? That doesn't sound right, well to our knowledge so far, he's on the run from the police, finding himself crashing at a boy and fathers home in their garage? It's up to them to help Santa fix Christmas. It sort of sounds like a typical Christmas movie, but the fact that Rafe Spall, Jim Broadbent, Warwick Davis and more are teaming up in this one film, makes me wonder, yes Ridley Scott has worked with Rafe Spall before, but there must be more to that right? Right...? Well, who else could help change this?

Stephen Graham in Boardwalk Empire as Al Capone
Stephen Graham in Boardwalk Empire as Al Capone

That's right, the badass that plays Al Capone, Stephen Graham, although he had a Minor role in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film (Scrum), and he wasn't much as a badass there (although he's going to be in Pirates of The Caribbean 5), is joining the cast yay, is Stephen Graham going to step out of his suggested comfort role, is he going to try and get his name out there or is he going to be a complete badass? Well... Maybe? The Director/Writer Christopher Smith has got a lot of action in his credentials, seen as I have family currently working/rushing this project, (I say rushing as it's due to be out 5th December this year), I should probably know, but so far I have only seen images, and theres not much to say, and I don't really want to spoil it by finding out, but this is my current information so far from sites and knowledge, and I hope this gives you a rough idea of what's to be expected.

Jim Broadbent in Paddington.
Jim Broadbent in Paddington.

Also, Jim Broadbent has been cast in the new film 'Paddington' which means... Yeah... Just another clue of where it's going to go, but to be honest, the truth is we'll have to find out.

Anyway, let me know, what do you think, are you excited to see this Christmas film for the next couple of years or could you care yes?


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