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Nate Miller

So, after months of speculation and reading and thinking, I might have a sound hypothesis of how Avengers: Age of Ultron will pan out. So, we know that because Ultron is the main villain, that Tony will be almost worthless in the armor. Why? Because as Ultron has showed us in comic book history, he can hack into and take control of it. He did so in 'The Mighty Avengers' line that started in 2007ish. Book 1 opened up with Ultron taking control of Tony's armor and morphing it, with Tony inside, into a being that resembled Janet van Dyne. Now, Tony will be worthless with the suit, but his computer skills will be very threatening to Ultron. So, Ultron will target Tony first. Joss Whedon has confirmed that an Avener WILL die. Tony is said Avenger. But Nate, Robert Downey Jr. has a contract for the next Avengers movie! Yes, but that contract only means he has to have a speaking part, which can take form in a flashback or holographic conversation with Cap. Why Cap? Because to showcase Ultron's true power, Cap has to lose something. His shield. Ultron will obliterate Cap's shield and almost kill Cap, depending on what point in the movie this takes place. Cap will then receive his greatest gift from Tony, the projected shield. Stark invented a shield that was a projection from a wrist brace. It could still be thrown and could still smash. Bu because it was a projection, it could not be destroyed again. This shield will be used to fight Vision who will spend a little over half the movie as a bad guy. Why a bad guy? Because for two reasons, one, you need to stick to Vision's origin, Ultron created him. Two, because once Ultron kills Tony, he will use JARVIS, played by Paul Bettany, who will also be Vision. JARVIS won't just disappear, he will be reconfigured into an cybernetic body that can phase and change density. Cap will fight Vision (JARVIS) and bring Vision back to the good side. Vision's phasing ability is going to be the key to beating Ultron. Vision will not only defeat Ultron, but by doing so, he will earn the trust and respect of every Avenger. Now, there are some other small details that I am still working on, like how will the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver play out. But read this and tell me what you think.


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