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If you haven't seen the most recent episode, turn back now...

If you watched Agents of SHIELD last night, you know that we as the audience (as well as Coulson) came closer to uncovering the mysterious circumstances surrounding Agent Phil Coulson's death and resurrection. The team infiltrated a secret SHIELD base to obtain a mysterious "medicine" known (or unknown) as GH-325, the same "medicine" that brought Coulson back to life. This was all in an attempt to save Skye's life. BUT WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS?!

It appears as if the mysterious blue serum is pumped from this dead torso (gross), most likely blood, and it seems to regenerate and heal whomever the blood is injected into almost immediately. But who is this? What is this? I just might have a theory.

Could this be Herr Kleiser from the Ultimates comics?

Herr Kleiser from "The Ulimates" animated film
Herr Kleiser from "The Ulimates" animated film

Take a look at an excerpt from the Marvel Comics wikia page.

Herr Kleiser was the name used by a higher ranking Chitauri agent who was a part of a group who infiltrated Earth during World War II. He obtained this name and appearance by absorbing and devouring the identity of a Nazi officer, Herr Kameleon. Kleiser and his fellow Chitauris contacted the Nazi party and attempted to help them win the war by offering advanced technology. The Chitauri wished to utilize the Nazis to conquer Earth and impose "order", erasing all individuality, which they saw as an aberration. Near the end of the war, Herr Kleiser faced Captain America, and was defeated not by brute force but by clever strategy and misdirection; Kleiser never forgot this humiliating defeat.

Now, in the comics, there is much more of a storyline for this guy. He comes back like Captain America, years later, and blah blah blah. But that's the comics. We're talking about the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So why would I think that upper half of a body belongs to this guy? Well first off, one of this guy's powers is that he can regenerate almost instantly, just like Coulson and Skye regenerated almost instantly when they were injected.

In the comics, the Chitauri were able to shapeshift. Joss Whedon decided not to include this element into The Avengers, knowing it would be too much, considering he had bigger fish to fry as far as the story and characters went, but Whedon never said that it wasn't possible for the Chitauri to do this, only that he wasn't going to include it in the film.

So, is it possible that a smaller group of Chitauri had infiltrated Earth during the days of Captain America? Absolutely! But why would they?

The Tesseract
The Tesseract

This is what Loki and the Chitauri were after, and what they were ordered to bring back to their alien leader (Thanos). It's very probable that they knew it had been on Earth long before the Avengers were. So they may have tried to take it once before, way back in World War II.

The Red Skull and the Tesseract
The Red Skull and the Tesseract

Think about it. More than anything, the Red Skull wanted the Tesseract. What easier way to take something from a Nazi/HYDRA officer than becoming a Nazi/HYDRA officer yourself? So this Chitauri shapeshifts into one. And there may have been some sort of off-screen relationship between him and the Red Skull. It's even possible that Captain America battled him, not knowing what he truly was! But somehow, the newly-created SHIELD may have discovered the true identity of this alien in some way or another, and proceeded to conduct research on it. Eventually, they discovered how fast it could regenerate, leading them to believe they could improve the super soldier serum by adding instant regeneration to it.

And the recent promos of Agents of SHIELD: Uprising have been hinting a connection between the show and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Could this be the connection? After all, there are apparently going to be flashback scenes in the film, so maybe we will see this secret Chitauri agent in one of them.

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