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So I've been on a really long Avengers saga kick lately, and I thought about what heroes I would want to see on an Avengers team.


Okay. Batman's great and all. Bruce Wayne persona, buttloads of money, pretty much everything he wants. But T'Challa, the Black Panther, has an entire friggin' KINGDOM to deal with. And to top it all off, not only is Wakanda a technological Mecca for the dark continent, it's also the world's only supplier of vibranium, a crucial metal in making Captain America's shields. Wakanda has already shown up once, on the screen of one of Tony Stark's computers when he's visited by Nick Fury in Iron Man 2. I mean, come on. The poor guy is just sitting there, gathering dust, when he's a character ripe for the picking. But, lo, Marvel fans, there is hope. Stan Lee was on the Larry King show a few weeks ago, where he confirmed a BLACK PANTHER CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE. I'm not usually one for cosplay, but this might be one premier where I have to make an exception.


I know, technically two Avengers, but they're pretty much a 70's buddy cop duo. You rarely see one without the other. They were the Heroes for Hire together, though they rarely got paid, they were members of the Thunderbolts, they even served as Avengers after the Marvel Civil War. They are also in a good position for a film debut right now. With the growing popularity of less superpowered heroes, having the two of them, mostly normal, could be a good money maker.


The Pride was a group of six supervillain married couples, all dedicated to the same goal: the destruction of the entire human race, except their children, who they expected to begin a world made new. But their kids wanted no part in this plan, and so they became the Runaways, a group of teenaged heroes. Their leader was Nico Minoru, the daughter of two powerful sorcerors, and a powerful magician herself. Her weapon of choice is the Staff of One, which allows its holder to cast almost any spell they can imagine, but only one time per spell.


Thane isn't very widely known, and even those who know him don't know much about him. The only thing we know for sure about him is that he showed up during the early days of Thanos' invasion of Earth. He's a virtual unknown, but he holds tremendous power in his hands, and is a master combatant, which leads me to believe that he's a character along the same lines as Gamora, who was adopted by Thanos during a conquest and raised as a daughter, though she eventually fled from her adoptive father and joined the ragtag group of intergalactic anti-heroes known as the Guardians of the Galaxy.


One-time member of the Serpent Society, Frank Payne began his career as an agent of SHIELD, moving through the ranks until greed and love of money drove him to crime. He donned a cybernetic prosthesis equipped with prehensile, electrified metal coils and took on the name Constrictor. He spent several years as a villain, working with the Serpent Society, until he was nearly beaten to death by Hercules, whom he sued for excessive force. Payne won the case, but lost his internal battle. He had been having doubts about his lifestyle choices, and now that the lawsuit had granted him all the money he could ever want, he decided to return to the life of a hero, working alongside the Avengers while still retaining his costumed identity. He doesn't see himself as a hero, but at least he's a soldier with a few scruples.


-Doctor Strange is confirmed for Marvel's Phase 3
-Ant-Man (and potentially Wasp) is (are) confirmed for Phase 3
-Lady Sif, Heimdall, Volstagg the Voluminous, Fandral the Dashing and Hogun the Grim are steadfast allies of Thor, so it stands to reason that we may see them at least work with the Avengers at some point
-Wonder Man would fit in well with a storyline involving Baron Zemo


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