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As well all know by now, if you see any phone number in a film or TV show that doesn't begin with '555' you need to call it immediately. Often, it just goes through to a dead number, but every know and then you unlock a little secret or Easter Egg.

When the new Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer debuted yesterday, viewers spotted a billboard stating "Remember Chicago. Report Alien Activity - 855-363-8392". Check it out below:

The billboard obviously piqued the internet's interest, as it turns out it's a real number featuring an automated message warning of the threat of Transformers. It states:

Attention citizens: We are in state of global emergency. You are urged to stay clear of all Transformers. Repeat, stay clear of all Transformers. Report any sightings immediately. Remember Transformers could be hiding anywhere. Say alert. Keep your eyes open, and say informed. For updates, visit Repeat,

The Easter Egg hunt continues when you visit the website, showing off a previously unseen propaganda poster featuring Optimus Prime. Check that out below:

The Transformers 4 marketing team aren't the only guys to jump onto this new viral phenomenon. Just before the Super Bowl, deodorant brand Old Spice leaked a commercial featuring a real-world telephone number. When an eagle-eyed viewer rang the number, he discovered it was a clever marketing ploy which granted him two tickets to the big game. Not bad.

What do you think? Do you like these kind of gimmicks, or are you getting bored of viral real world advertising? Let us know below.


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