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Upcoming TV pilot Gotham has now cast all its regulars - but it has been saving some of the most important till last.

The final two regular roles in the series are the young Batman (the 12-year-old Bruce Wayne) and the teenage Catwoman.

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David Mazouz - who was Kiefer Sutherland's son in the Drama Thriller Touch - will play Bruce Wayne. The series will show the young Batman after his parents are killed, being looked after by his tough Butler Alfred Pennyworth, with Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) also checking up on him.

The young Bruce Wayne
The young Bruce Wayne

The other role now cast is that of Catwoman. Unlike many adaptations of the Batman, this series will see Catwoman as slightly older than Bruce Wayne. Actress Camren Bicondova will appear as Selina Kyle, an orphaned teenager both suspicious and extremely unpredictable. She's a street thief and skilled pickpocket who is dangerous when cornered.

Camren Bicondova
Camren Bicondova

So with the regular cast now complete - are you looking forward to this show of Gotham's early years? Could you see these two becoming the older characters we know? Write in with your thoughts on these questions below.

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