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Lionsgate always wanted us to believe that Divergent is the next Twilight. We were never sure... But it looks like their franchised take on the Veronica Roth's dystopian novels could, in fact, kick sparkly vampires out of the box office and into the teen movie stratosphere.

The Shailene Woodley-starring flick, which is also drawing comparisons to the The Hunger Games franchise, will be the first movie in a trilogy that is set to continue Summit Entertainments' successful run after the Twilight Saga. THR are now reporting that:

More than two weeks out, director Neil Burger's Divergent is tracking on par with the first Twilight -- if not better in many key categories.

What that means is that Divergent could possibly surpass even Twilight's opening $69.6 million back in 2008. Either way, even if the new YA adaptation doesn't exceed the sparkly vampire saga - that's a lot of dollar.

As fans of the book well know, Divergent is set is a futuristic dystopia where society is divided into five different factions that people are assigned to according to their personality. Tris Prior (Woodley) is told that she is an anomaly though. She is Divergent and will never fit neatly into one personality group. When she uncovers a conspiracy to purge all Divergents from society by violent means Tris is forced to undertake a mission to find out what makes being Divergent so dangerous before her kind is brutally destroyed.

After Twilight, my expectation for Divergent was pretty low. I predicted bad acting and a nauseating love story. Instead, there were epic battles and an ever-present sentiment of teenagers not being able to trust in any authority other than their own. Forget wishy-washy smooch-fests (that, incidentally, I'm totally hooked on, thank you Robsten!!) - hard-hitting, female-driven political commentary for teens, Divergent is now where it's at!

However, anyone who's read Roth's books will know that - hang on:

... Where was I? Oh yeah...

The third book in the Divergent trilogy kills off its main character. If that doesn't sound immediately problematic, large portions of the fan base have major gripes about how the Tris' death is handled and the remaining story that follows. That's almost certainly not giving the audience what they want, right? Meaning that even if Divergent manages to kick Twilight's ass on opening weekend, it may not have the same long-running success as the Stephenie Meyer story.

What do you guys think? Can Divergent's YA dystopia ever come close to the sparkly vampire love story of Bella and Edward? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

Don't forget - Divergent hits theaters on March 21, 2014.


Will Divergent kick Twilight's ass?


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