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Let it never be said that Klingon's don't know how to have fun. A whole heap of new Star Trek Into Darkness videos have just been loaded online. Most are deleted and alternate scenes, but there's also a blooper reel of a bunch of Klingons showing off their dance movies. This is quite a welcome occurrence considering the DVD release of Star Trek Into Darkness was a little bit light on extra features.

UPDATE: As you can probably tell, the videos were removed by a third party after I published this article. Still, feel free to insult me in the comments if it'll make you feel better...

Check out all the videos below:

Damn, those guys know how to move!

What did you think of Star Trek Into Darkness? Is it a worthy addition to the franchise, or an over-the-top CGI and lens flare fest? Give us your opinion below.


Star Trek Into Darkness was...


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