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With 300: Rise of an Empire on the horizon, it might be time to revisit the original 300 movie and ask - did it really make sense?

A new video has been released that goes through the movie in detail and asks important questions like:

- Did checking the Spartan babies for defects really only involve holding them up and looking at their ears?

- Why did they grimace in pain at the exact point that we are told they were taught to show no pain?

- How solid are walls made of dead bodies?


- Did the Spartans really fight all their battles in moody, impressive, unreal-looking landscapes?

Check out these, and 84 other question you wished you had asked, here:

So what do you think? Will 300: Rise of an Empire be just as full of weird mistakes? And do you even care, or are you just looking forward to re-entering the manly, violent world of ancient Greece?

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Why do you think that Leonidas' spear took down two Persians, when it only seemed to hit one?


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