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Daryl Dixon - as shown in last Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead - is a man who is at his happiest stranded in the woods where he can show off his expertise in finding cabins of moonshine, or serving up meals of squirrel or snake.

But it turns out that the affection goes both ways. It was recently revealed that not only was a real life poisonous rattlesnake used to film the scene in which Daryl hunted and killed his dinner - but that the snake was pleased to star alongside the fan favorite.

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In an online only bonus scene for AMC's follow up show The Talking Dead, the episode's director Julius Ramsay was asked about the decision to put Norman Reedus in danger by using a real life rattlesnake. He said:

“There was a lot of discussion about that. But fortunately the snake turned out to be a huge Daryl Dixon fan, so all he wanted was an autograph.”

The snake wasn't harmed during the filming, either - which he may have also been pleased about.

So do you think we will get to see Daryl cook up any more wild animals in this season of The Walking Dead? And what strange creature would you most like to eat with him?

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If Daryl was hunting my dinner I would ask him to get some...

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