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Thank the Lord, it is finally time for this sweet manna from heaven to descend! We have all been waiting far too long for this blessing of quality programming, and the much anticipated sacrament of our weekly Lilo.

I have been sitting here with my mouth gaping open like a baby bird for weeks waiting to gobble up the tasty nuggets in the first trailer for the new docu-series Lindsay. Thankfully it was worth the wait and the results are just as delicious as anticipated. Cheers, Oprah!

A screenshot of a natural looking Lilo
A screenshot of a natural looking Lilo

The new docu-series produced by Oprah's OWN network promises lovers of Lohan an “honest, no-holds-barred account” from the 27-year-old star along with “an intimate, unflinching look" at her life after rehab last year.

As we have all come to expect with a Lohan endeavour, this series seems to be as much about tracking down the elusive Lindsay in order to film as it is about the actress expressing herself candidly. In fact, the exhaustive Lilo safari gets so tiresome that archangel Oprah herself dispenses some tough love.

In a segment of the trailer, the second first lady of America gets so annoyed with Lohan's avoidance tactics that when she finally captures her she advises the young actress to;

Cut the crap

Meow! I can't say that I can blame Winfrey though. As I have said before, Lilo doesn't just bite the hand that feeds, she gnaws that bastard right off.

Take a little look at the giddy merry-go-round of chaos below:

As much as I joke, I am actually really looking forward to sinking my teeth into this juicy little number. Despite all the controversy, I do actually have genuine affection for Lindsay Lohan. She is undoubtedly a troubled individual who needs some help pulling her life together, but, unlike a lot of celebrities in the same position, she doesn't come across as superior or mean. And, she has had a lot to put up with from her nearest and dearest.

One of the most laughable segments of the trailer for me is queen pimp Dina Lohan expressing her sentiments that Lindsay being closer to her family will be her salvation.

Is that another cheque Lindsay?
Is that another cheque Lindsay?

I think moving to a remote island and cutting all ties with her lunatic next of kin would probably serve Lilo better. Hell, shacking up with Charlie Sheen would be a positive step up, at least he pretended to mentor her for a while!

I can't believe that Dina is willing to be on screen again after Living Lohan proved what a despicable, fame hungry succubus with a wig on she is. Although, anybody who capitalizes from their daughters struggles to fuel her own fragile simulacrum of fame deserves to be exposed. Maybe this series will be the final push needed to topple Dina's shakey rep.

Are you guys looking forward to having a peek into the Lohan family circus?

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)

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