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Lorelei the younger sister of Amora the Enchantress, will be the new villain in the next episode of Marvel's Agents of Shield. As we saw in the episode last night she has similar powers to her sister. Lorelei's great beauty and seductive manner enable her to persuade virtually any male god or mortal to do whatever she wants. Lorelei has some knowledge of sorcery, mostly pertaining to love charms and potions. Lorelei also possesses a petrifying kiss, transforming victims into a granite statue (Sounds like a much sexier Medusa). Now we also saw in the clip that Sif will be making an appearance. Could this mean more cameos in the future? Could we see Dr. Elliot Randolph return? For those of you who don't remember him, he was in the episode "The Well". He was the Asgardian who stayed on Earth and hid his staff from the mortals. He was played by Peter MacNicol.

This could be the next villain that could return for more "fun" with the team. We were introduced to Deathlok in the previous episode and are we forgetting a major villain who the Agents of Shield accidentally created....Graviton. Even though we haven't seen Graviton return or even be introduced. Us viewers and fans of Marvel know that will not be the last we see of him. But there is another secret with the mysterious blue alien who we saw in last nights episode "T.A.H.I.T.I." which Coulson and Skye both injected the alien's "fluid" it looked like, while they suffered fatal wounds. Could we see more villains from other worlds? We have Asgard, why not more?

Now there are rumors of an episode that will tie into Captain America the Winter Solider, similar to Thor the Dark World which also had a tied in episode. If they are connecting these films, could we see a mention of Ant Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy, or Dr.Strange in the future? This would be a great way to promote the upcoming films, or ideas of films. Even a slight mention of them in the show. We could maybe have a cameo mention of Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange giving more information about the "fluid" that was found in last nights episode of Agents of Shield. Everyone was wondering what happened to Coulson and how they brought him back to life. This mysterious creature could be the solution. The Alien's "fluid" improved Skye's condition within seconds of injecting it. Could this be the very source of power that brought Coulson back from the dead? It would make sense...After he dies they inject the "fluid" to revive him and begin to operate on him injecting the fake memories while his body is healing. Many more questions to be answered before the end of the season.

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