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Hopefully if you are reading this you have seen the Avengers movie (like everyone else in the world), and Thor: The Dark World.

In the Avengers one of the main antagonists is the alien species called the Chitauri, who in the comics had the ability to shape shift. They fought a major battle with the help of Loki, giant hover alien slugs called Leviathans, energy weapons, and hovercraft. They were controlled by a mother ship that stayed in the Chitauri's "mid-dimension", as evident when all of them collapsed and died when the nuke destroyed the mother ship.

All of this was controlled by another alien called Thanos who is obsessed with collecting the Infinity Gems/Stones.


In the comics the Gems were very small, and identical except for ability and color. They also can be assembled to power the Infinity Gauntlet, which actually was an Easter Egg in Thor.

Infinity Gauntlet
Infinity Gauntlet

In the MCU the Stones are made up of the Tessereact, the Infinity Stone of Space, the Aether, the Infinity Stone of Power, and a mysterious sphere seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. The Tesseract is about six inches tall so it cant really fit on a gauntlet.

Anyway, so what if the Chitauri was a shape shifting species that was conquered by Thanos who used one of the Infinity Stones he already has, to create devices that can control the entire species. He then forces them to turn into a specific species that is very barbaric.

Do you have your own theory? Any questions? Comments? Share below!!!!!


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