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Lawrence Gaines

Crappy Valentine’s Day! My Bloody Valentine celebrates the day of love with one of the most romantic things ever; a pitchfork wielding psychotic miner on a murderous rampage! Oh….and he gives away the sweetest, most romantic gifts of all……..human hearts!

So, what’s this malicious mix of 1980’s blood soaked horror all about, eh? (Get it? I said “eh” because it’s a Canadian film-HA!) It’s about Harry Warden, a miner in the 1960’s, who killed five men after a mining accident left him trapped. Disturbingly, he had to result to cannibalism to survive. Mysteriously, twenty years later, murders with a pick axe start up again. Could it be Harry Warden? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

It’s actually a pretty damn good mystery, with gory and interesting kills, plus a great progenitor to Scream with the mystery of the killer’s true identity. All in all, this is a fun and really 80’s slasher film. If you don’t have a lovey dovey on Valentine ’s Day, this is the perfect film for a drunken, lonely night. Have you ever been alone on Valentine’s Day? Well, if it ever happens again, experience gory, cheesy, horror rather than angst.


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