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When I saw Machete Kills in the cinema my friend had told me before hand that he thought he saw Campbell in the film and so did I, in what appeared to be a blink-and-you'd-miss-him cameo.

So watching the Blu-Ray today I was able to freeze frame and take a closer look. Although the screen shot above is not as clear as I would like, it does appear that it's him. I am still not 100% but the bags under the eyes and the famous scarred chin have me almost convinced.

What do you think? Did anyone else spot it?

If it is him, does that mean him and Rodriguez are planning a future team up or was he just at the local comic-con and dropped in for a visit?

Campbell previously had a cameo at the beginning of the Rodriguez & Tarantino produced Dusk Till Dawn 2 directed by his old friend Scott Spiegel.

Campbell had hopes of having a similar set up to Rodriguez's Troublemaker's Studios in Oregon when he was making My Name is Bruce. Sadly the bad takings that movie achieved and Burn Notice commitments meant a sequel never transpired


Is that Bruce Campbell in Machete Kills?


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