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Jensen Ackles or Michael C Hall as Daredevil/Matt Murdock: I think that either of these men could easily pull of the part of both Daredevil and Matt Murdock with ease. A lot of people have been throwing Michael C Hall's name around who would be my dream older Daredevil especially after his role of Dexter easily being able to go between his Dexter Morgan and The Dark Passenger having played both flawlessly for eight years (hell even when the show sucked he was awesome in it). I think that Jensen Ackles could easily pull off the same thing as proven by his role of Dean Winchester in Supernatural he has the possibly more then Hall even as he can portray a charismatic bad ass much like Hall did as Dexter but unlike Hall Ackles could pull off the ladies man that I see Matt Murdock to be as he has had EIGHT major girlfriends/lovers. I do think that both of them can play the tragic hero as people close to both of their main characters in their shows have died and they've pulled off portraying the loss very well. All in all I could see both of these actors playing DD very well hell Matthew McConaughey may even be able to pull off playing DD due to his dark characters from Killer Joe and True Detective.

Timothy Olyphant as Bullseye: Timothy Olyphant is awesome and can play both psychopaths and bad asses to a T however I can't name the movie he plays a psychopath without spoiling it but it was a nineties movie and he was one of the best parts in it practically playing Bullseye. Also if you want more evidence that he'd be the perfect actor to play the perfect assassin I just have one word for you JUSTIFIED. Raylan Givens while being the protagonist of the show has a dark side and while Bullseye is all dark side when you see the dark side of Raylan Givens it can be scary the exact level of intimidation an actor portraying Bullseye should bring and why Collin Farrell as good of an actor as he may be failed with Bullseye because he hammed it up WAY TOO much.

John Goodman as Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin: If James Gandolfini were still alive I would have easily put him on here but of course the next best pick would be John Goodman and as Stan Lee once famously said "Nuff said".

Karen Gillan as Karen Paige: No clue why I chose her maybe because she's able to pull off being sweet, intellectual and sexy all at the same time which I think is a must for Karen she's the cost of Daredevil I feel that Matt always falls for the crazy chicks who he can relate to as Daredevil even though the perfect woman is there for him the whole time and I think that's the tragedy of her character.

Directed by: David Fincher: I think Fincher would be hands down THE PERFECT DIRECTOR FOR DD. He's got EVERYTHING one could want in a Daredevil movie; the dark disturbing city that seems to be a character in and of it's self (like New York in Se7en and San Francisco in Zodiac), brutal fight choreography (IE Fight Club), incredibly memorable pitch black villains (like Tyler Durden, John Doe, The Zodiac Killer and more) and strong female characters (Jodie Foster from Panic Room and Rooney Mara from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo).

So what do y'all think of my casting choice? Comment below and share the love.


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