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Three roles have been cast in the upcoming NBC pilot of Constantine, including a character well known to fans of the comic; John Constantine's closest friend and occasional driver "Chas".

Chas - who in the comics becomes bizarrely indebted to John Constantine after the superhero magician and conman helps him kill his witch mother - will be played by Charles Halford, seen here in his role as Reggie LeDoux in HBO's True Detective.

The other two roles have been created specifically for the show and will not be familiar to readers of the comic.

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The first is Liv, a quirky young woman who discovers she has the ability to see the supernatural world that is invisible to most people, which makes her an important asset to Constantine. Liv will be played by Lucy Griffiths.

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The final role to be cast is Manny, an angel who watches over Constantine and has the power to possess people. Though he is not supposed to meddle in human affairs, Manny takes the liberty of occasionally using his powers to save lives. Manny will be played by Lost star Harold Perrineau.

So are you looking forward to seeing the maverick magician and perhaps the least-good good guy of all time make his TV debut? What do you think will happen in this series? And was Papa Midnite the right first nemesis?

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Who is your favorite character from the Constantine universe?


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