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Will Devine

So we all know he's coming and it will be either at the end of the current season or next season. SPOILERS!! so for anyone who's read the comics then you all know this guy is the UBER villain and makes the governor look like a punk. Below is a list of 5 actors that I think would be a great fit for the badass bat wielder.

With a Brit pulling off a great Ricky, and also a great Govenor why not Negan too... he has the acting chops and the physical appearance and loves to play the tough guy. Could Vinnie Jone step up to another level to play the part?

Ray Stevenson has the physical appearance that works. He's also one of my favourite action stars and showed he can play serious roles with ease on the big screen and small. He played a great villain in Dexter and would add something different to the Negan character

Again Henry Rollins has the appearance casting would be look for, but I think his acting may not be as good as the role would require although he did do well in Sons of Anarchy.

Robert Knepper, although he isn't the build of the Negan from the comics he plays the slightly psycho villain very well and would differently be good showing the more sadistic side of Negan for examples of this watch Prison Break.

Brian Bloom, this one would be a safe choice he's got the look and the build and has shown he can pull off a bad guy in the recent A-Team movie but has he got enough to pull of the massive role of Negan.

Let me know what you think, and who would you add to the list?


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