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Game of Thrones Fans - unite on Moviepilot! Post about the show we all love and discuss it with fellow fans!

On April 6th, after an excruciating nine months, Game of Thrones is FINALLY back!

We've all been a mess since the Red Wedding but it's time to put that trauma behind us and look forward. Let's get excited!

Share your thoughts and excitement! We'd love to see:

Theories and Plot lines

If you've read the books, tell us what stories you're excited to see portrayed on screen? Whose inevitable slaughter are you most looking forward to? And who will make it to the Iron Throne? If you've not read the books then tell us your thoughts and theories about the upcoming season!

Reviews and Recaps

Give us a weekly round up of each episode! What were you favourite moments? Tell us all about it!

Game of Jokes

We love a good joke. If you know of any hilarious Game of Thrones memes or fan videos or have made you're own then please share them with us!

Fan Art

Made any sketches or digital paintings or have you found any you like? Go ahead and post them! We love fan art!

Pictures & Gifs Preferably of John Snow and/or Robb Stark (R.I.P) topless...ahem...what?

We can't get our minds off GoT so the more fan posts we get to read, the better!

Whether you're House Lannister or House Stark, join together on Moviepilot and share the excitement for Season 4!

Click here to sign up to Moviepilot. For any extra info email [email protected]!

We can't wait to see your awesome fan posts!


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