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The topic of Johnny Storm in the new Fantastic Four movie is a "hot" topic right now... Sorry, last horrible pun. Promise! With the announcement coming out that Michael B Jordan will be playing the Human Torch in the reboot of fox's FF franchise, the internet has been a buzz and plenty of people on both sides of the fence.

Let me start with this! Michael B Jordan is a good actor. This has nothing to do with that fact that I don't think he would do a good job. His race is not the part of this that bothers me. The part that bothers me the most is the fact that Fox has chosen to completely ignore the history and canon on the original story. I know this is a popular thing these days in most comic movie, but to make changes this deep drives me insane! Johnny and Sue are siblings. It was always an element the Marvel's first family that mattered, but now, that's being throw out. For what? To make the film hit better across all sections of the market? Let's make them younger! Let's change Johnny's race! Him and Sue don't need to be brother and sister! With that said...

Here is our list of the top 4 young actors who should play Johnny Storm in the up and coming movie!

4. Anton Yelchin

Our number four is Anton Yelchin. He is not the strongest candidate we have but he is a good actor none the less. All of his movies from Star Trek to Charlie Bartlett made for great movies and showed off him as an actor. The main thing working against him in our opinion is his size. Yes the personality will fit and can be used to his advantage but Johnny was never the small guy. If Anton could bulk up for the movie and manage to put on a little weight and size, then we believe he would make a perfectly fine Johnny!

3. Armie Hammer

After his main role in The Lone Ranger we know that Armie has the power to play a lead role in a movie. While Johnny may not be the lead role he is one of the more prominent ones in the cast. He is young and handsome, which adds appeal to him taking this role! After watching him in interviews and in the movies he has the size to play the part, he is tough and been through the action movies, and last but not least still manages to have a great comedic timing. All these together makes him one of the stronger candidates we have!

2. Been Barnes

He became big here in America after landing the role of Prince Caspian in the Chronicles of Narnia movies. Doing a good job in those movies and others has brought him towards the top of our list! A veteran of action movies, comedies, and sci-fi/fantasy only helps his stock in this list! His looks and size are fine for the roll and do not hinder him at all but the lack of star power may take some credit away from him to the movie studios looking to make a big splash with this casting, but to us... he fits the bill!

And last but not least!!

1. Hunter Parrish!

If you ask us, this casting is a no brainer! An amazing young actor who has come up through working on the show Weeds and other small projects. This movie would serve has a great spring board into a stronger film career. His look and body size is PERFECT to play a young Johnny! He is funny and witty to pull off the comedic timing needed for the role as well. There isn't much that we can think of that would make him the wrong choice for the roll. Like we said in the intro to this top 4 list, the race has nothing to do with it! We just want Johnny and Sue to be siblings without some wacky back story. This would easily mean that Sue could be played by an African American actress! Let us know in the comments below who you would cast as Sue if this was the case! Till next time! Live well and This has been Steps from Projects Playground! Make sure to find us on facebook and click that like button!

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