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I am still reading a lot of articles from people about the Fantastic Four Reboot and have noticed that most (if not all) of the people writing and commenting about them either don't know any of their origin, only know half of their origin, or are mixing the Mainstream and Ultimate Origins together. So, after reading up on their origin myself on the Fantastic Four Wiki I decided to write this article to put everyone else in the loop. Before starting with the Origin I have to make a couple of things known:

1. I have written two articles on the auditions for Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman respectively and my choice for Invisible woman got cast and my second choice for Mr. Fantastic did as well. I am therefore happy with at least part of the cast and the other part I am reserving judgment on until I at least see a teaser trailer.

2. I don't understand the big fuss over Kate Mara and Micheal B. Jordan playing Brother and Sister (there is such a thing as a mixed family after all, you know, an African-American father and a Caucasian mother or visa versa) so they could really be full brother and sister. Not half, Not Step, actual full siblings. So, why the up-roar?

3. This is a great opportunity to expand the Comic book inspired movie out of the Marvel and DC Mainstream Universes into Ultimate, Alternate, and Indy comic Universes giving us all more of the comic adaptations we want.

Don't be so quick to knock it until you give it a chance. Now with that out of the way lets get on to the Ultimate FF's Origin:

In the Ultimate Universe, Reed Richards discovers an Alternate Universe which he names the N-Zone while still in High School. His parents agree to let him leave his "Normal High school" and his friend, Ben Grimm, and let him go to a special High School for gifted Children that is located in the Baxter Building. That is where he meets Sue and Johnny Storm (Whose Father is the principal) for the first time. Reed gets partnered with Victor Van Damme (instead of Von Doom) and they start work on a transporter that will move objects from one part of the World to another if it works correctly. They do finally get the transporter working, but what nobody knows is that at the last moment Van Damme changes the calculations on the transporter. It transports him, Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben (who had come to see the demonstration) through the N-Zone instead of what it was supposed to transport. That is how the Ultimate Fantastic Four gain their powers - Reed reappears next to the Transporter, but is changed to the point where the Military initially shoots at him, Ben appears in Mexico changed into the thing, Johnny appears in France where he bursts into flames and flies home, Sue appears in New York where she is kidnapped by the Mole Man (the FF's first enemy and one of their former teachers), and Van Damme appears in Copenhagen (Denmark) where he basically takes over since his skin has been somehow turned to Metal and everyone is afraid of him. That is when he takes the name Dr. Doom.

There you have it, folks. The Origin of the Ultimate Universe Fantastic Four and a possible plot or portion thereof for the reboot. So, after reading this are you at least a little more inclined to give the movie a shot or is it just too much of a change for you from the original movies? As always comment below and follow me on [email protected] or facebook at the entertainment writer.


Does knowing the Ultimate FF Origin make you more inclined to give the movie a chance or not?


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