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As I'm sure most of you know, the Fantastic Four reboot has finally cast the superhero team themselves. I have to admit that I was more than disappointed. The only cast member that I was okay with was Kate Mara as Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman, though she wouldn't be my first pick. Here's my fan-cast for The Fantastic Four (only the team themselves).

Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic

Though he may be a bit of a pretty boy in regards to the nerdy Reed Richards, I've always liked his acting and I feel that his almost strict diet of only television roles has made people underestimate his ability. He needs to be back on the big screen and my choice for his return would be this role.

Evan Rachel Wood as Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman

A personal favorite of mine, Evan Rachel Wood is a great actress. She shares traits with Sue Storm such as her beauty, her strong will, and her expressive attitude. Ironically, she happens to be married to Jamie Bell, the actor who's been officially cast in the Fantastic Four reboot as Ben Grimm/The Thing.

Alex Pettyfer as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch

A pretty boy in most of his roles, Pettyfer has the looks and the cocky attitude to pull off a great Johnny Storm, though films like Magic Mike and Beastly (2011) haven't exactly accentuated his acting abilities. Personally, I believe that he still has the necessary skills for a role like this.

Kevin Durand as Ben Grimm/The Thing

Though the majority of his roles have been comedic, Durand has proved more than a few times that he can be the tough guy, including, but not limited to, being Jeeves Tremor in Smokin' Aces (2006), Martin Keamy in the hit TV series, Lost (2004), and as Fred Dukes/The Blob in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Though his roles haven't given him a lot of recognition, I think Durand can easily portray the heroic AND the comedic side of Ben Grimm.

Hate my choices? Hopefully some of you agree with them, but, either way, I want to know in the comments below.


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