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I remember it well. I was a young boy who had discovered comics and classic Universal horror films on TV. Then a friend of mine took me to see a horror double feature of PROPHECY and FRIDAY the 13TH. I walked out of the theater and my life had changed. They actually made movies with BLOOD and GORE!!! I've been hooked ever since.

Which brings us to today and what the future might hold for the franchise that introduced me to slasher horror.

So after twelve films we find ourselves with the rights to the Friday franchise going back to Paramount pictures and the announcement for a new film to be released on March 13th, 2015.

Can this franchise be saved?

There is a lot that can be said about are favorite slasher who we cheer for after every kill but where can Paramount take the character? The rumor is that they want to go with a found footage take on the series which would seem logical for Paramount due to their highly successful PARANORMAL ACTIVITY films but that series is loosing steam. Recent found footage films have not been well received in the horror film community. The DEVIL INSIDE, APOLLO 18, and DEVIL'S DUE were all attempts that people want to forget so why does Paramount feel this is the way to go with JASON. Money, money, money. The budget on a found footage film could be kept really low and you could avoid having big name stars attached to the project. Not that any of the FRIDAY films had real big names attached to them, as fans we were there to see how inventive Jason's kills would be but you understand what I mean. The FRIDAY films have always been a cash cow for Paramount so it's no surprise they want to revitalize the character in some fashion but they need to think about it wisely.

Currently every horror icon from the last twenty years has been rebooted except for CHUCKY who thankfully had a great comeback with CURSE OF CHUCKY. The downside was it was straight to DVD because the movie studio didn't have faith in a theatrical release.

Of course that won't be the case for JASON. Paramount has to be smart about what they do. The 2009 reboot was not to my liking. I was disappointed with several aspects of the film. If they were trying to streamline everything about the FRIDAY franchise so they could move on from that film they failed. So what now? Another reboot?

I recently watched CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES which is just a great documentary. In the section about FRIDAY the 13th Pt VI, director Tom McLoughlin had an interesting idea of introducing Jason's father into the mythos. What an idea that would have been but it was decided that it would take away from Jason's story.

Remember when that idea was sort of used in the HALLOWEEN series in film 5 when they introduced the Man in Black to watch over Michael Myers. After that they didn't know what to do with him.

Back to JASON. I'm at a crossroads. I love the character and want to see another chapter but damn it needs to be something worth our gore hungry appetites.

So again I ask can this franchise be saved?


Are you looking forward to a new FRIDAY the 13TH?


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