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As a Christian who is also somewhat of a movie-buff, I tend to pay attention to the Christian movies that come out every once in a while (Courageous, Facing the Giants, Fireproof, etc.). But I especially like to keep tabs on the movies that are based on stories straight from the Bible. So the other day as my mind was wandering, I thought to myself, "Why aren't there more movies based on Biblical stories?" Now I know not EVERYBODY is a Christian, so some of you are probably wanting me to go ahead and shut up about this topic. But let me be clear that I am not trying to convert anyone, I am simply stating a valid question.

One of the biggest reasons I think that Bible-based movies are typically avoided are because studios try to stay away from religious controversy. I think we can all agree that we live in a very secular world that is fixated on political correctness. So when it comes to religion, people prefer it to be kept in the churches, rather than displayed or advertised for the whole world to see (think of the criticism Tim Tebow, former national championship winning QB, has endured for constantly bringing up his faith). This attitude can be seen in the movie industry as well. Yes, we occasionally get a Passion, or Son of God, as well as the upcoming Noah, and Exodus, but other than that, how many mainstream movies can you name in the last 10-20 years that are based on Bible stories? Not many.

Now I'll get to why this doesn't make sense (to me). The Bible is the bestselling book OF ALL TIME. This cannot be argued. It is so popular that even some non-Christians own one, just because. Regardless of your religious background (or lack there of), you have to admit that the Bible contains some of the most fantastic stories ever told. It doesn't even matter if you believe they are true, even if they are fiction they would still be remarkable. If Hollywood can allow such terrible films such as Twilight or the Transformers films and make them into successful franchises, why can't they push for movies based on parts of the most popular text of all time?

It baffles me that filmmakers aren't taking advantage of the the most popular and well written source material in the world. They're sleeping on success.

So that's my short argument. Let me know in the comments section what you think about all of this!


Is Hollywood sleeping on success by not using the Bible as source material more often?


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