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Hey everybody! I'm back to give you my review of the Agents of Shield Episode 14 "TAHITI". First off, I would like to state that I really enjoyed this episode, and it was one of the season's best. We start the episode off with the continuation of Skye's deadly predicament, which serves as the basis of the episode. Could on and his team have Ian Quinn locked up, and May shows some pent up anger in a scene where she beats Quinn to a helpless pulp. Agent John Garrett (from various comics) and his trainee Antoine board the plane, and demand that they hand over Quinn. After Garrett sees the poor Skye, he reluctantly agrees to help find this "place" Coulson is looking for as he believes it can help her. While interrogating Quinn, he reveals the Clairevoyant told him to shoot Skye so he could see how Coulson was reanimated. After a heated debate, Coulson decides to take that risk. Fitz and Simmons decode the location of this facility, and Coulson and Garrett storm the place. The team kills a group of guards during a shoutout. After finding GH325, the facility begins to self-destruct. On his way out, Coulson finds the operating room he was reanimated in, and he also comes across the source producing the GH325. As he's leaving, he quickly discovers an alien (presumably of the Kree race) that is subconsciously transfusing the drug.

He races to stop the team from giving it to Skye, but he is too late. After she is injected with the drug, she violently convulses rapidly. After a seemingly dangerous drop in her pulse, it regulates, and she begins to recover. Coulson finally agrees to transfer Quinn to Garrett.

Meanwhile, in Death Valley, Lorelei (the sister of Amora the Enchantress) comes across newlywed Jimmy Mackenzie. After using her seductive Asgardian powers, the two drive off away!

Now, I really enjoyed this episode! It had fantastic moments (such as the facility shootout scene) where I really understood what this show is really about. I realized that this show will be successful, and that is because it delivers as side-story to our favorite Marvel movies that successfully builds onto the connection. We can see new characters introduced, such as Deathlok and Lorelei. But, at the same time, we can see cameos for minor characters such as Sif and Nick Fury. Personally, I believe this show will succeed tremendously. In conclusion, "TAHITI" is one of the finest examples of AoS's potential success. As always, thanks for reading!

-Blaine Sullivan :P


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