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I suppose that this argument/thesis/what have you may be a wee bit of a stretch, BUT HEAR ME OUT. So firstly Halloween was released in 1978 about how suburbia is no longer safe from the horrors of the wilderness. No Country For Old Men supports these themes and it's a film commenting on the ever increasing inability to understand the modern criminal and seeming rise of sociopathic killers (like Michael Meyers in Halloween).

Anton Chigur the main villain in No Country For Old Men could be argued to be a more modern Michael Meyers as like Meyers he's the bare resemblance of a person more of a sinister shape without feeling, conscience or remorse. Only of course Chigur uses more modern weaponry than Michael (pistols, shotguns, etc VS Michael's signature kitchen knife). This also comments on the increased state of social fears when these films were released. Halloween's release had recently followed The Zodiac murders. While yes, Zodiac did use guns he was however more infamous for using his knife.

Chigur's updated arsenal at least to me seems like an example of the stakes and horror being increased by real life boogymen such as domestic terrorists armed with automatic weapons and bombs. So what about the other characters? I feel that sheriff Ed Tom Bell is a modern Doctor Loomis given his expertise in criminality but having an inability to understand Chigur just as Loomis was an expert in psychology until he got Michael Meyers a patient so evil he couldn't understand. Loomis and Bell also represent the White Knights of each film adhering to what they believe is right and just.

Finally I feel Liwelyn Moss to be a modern gender flipped Laurie Strode as like strode he's sort of a Grey Knight of ambiguous ethics and is just a Hitchcockian everyman at the wrong place at the wrong time. So what do ya'll think? Am I over analyzing? Or am I making sense with my comparison? Comment below and share the love.

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