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Sci-fi fans everywhere can finally release a collective sigh of relief. Bong Joon-ho’s critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic thriller, Snowpiercer, finally has a US release date.

For a long time, the future of Snowpiercer was an uncertainly. The movie released in its native South Korea last summer, since then its spread slowly into some European countries, but it has yet to appear in an English-speaking nation. Primarily, this was because Henry Weinstein and the director were locked in a long struggle concerning edits to the movie. Weinstein wanted 20 minutes cut from the film, most of which consisted of story and character development - essentially turning the cerebral, allegorical thriller into a straight forward mindless action-romp set on a train. This excuse for this cinematic butchery was that he felt the movie would be too complex for American audiences. Luckily, the critical and commercial success of Snowpiercer elsewhere, along with positive advanced previews in America, has resulted in Weinstein relenting. So, you'll be able to enjoy the director's cut of the movie in US from June 27th.

However, Weinstein wasn't willing to bow down completely. In exchange for releasing the director's cut of Snowpiercer, the movie will only be initially receiving a limited release - meaning the film will only be shown in certain cities. If Snowpiercer proves to be successful, its release will hopefully be rolled out wider. Unfortunately, we do not currently know which US cities will be able to enjoy the limited release. There is also no news on when Snowpiercer will be released to the United Kingdom and other English speaking countries, although I expect we'll hear news of this soon.

Based on a French graphic novel, Snowpiercer tells of a world being ravaged by a new ice age. The only survivable habitat turns out to be a train which perpetually circumnavigates the globe. However, with limited space and resources aboard the train, a strict social hierarchy and class system develops, with the rich at the front of the train and poor at the back. The movie follows Chris Evans as he attempts to lead a revolution and reach the hallowed engine room. Check out a trailer below:

Snowpiercer is certainly my most anticipated movie of 2014 and I'm ecstatic that Bong Joon-ho refused to give in to Weinstein's movie destroying demands. At its core, sci-fi has always been a hotbed of political and social commentary, and Snowpiercer certainly looks set to continue this tradition.

What do you think? Has this movie also been on your radar, or have you only just heard about it? Let us know below.

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