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No, don't worry, do not adjust your screen, the new Transcendence poster is supposed to look like that, I think.

Today, Warner Bros. debuted a new poster which shows Johnny Depp turning digital. Well, it's either that or the Photoshop artist couldn't be bothered to finish the other half of his face. Check it out below:

Transcendence is the directorial debut of Christopher Nolan's long-time cinematographer, Wally Pfister. It tells the tale of a brilliant computer scientist, Dr. Caster, who uploads his consciousnesses to a super-intelligent computer after being attacked by anti-technology extremists.

I have to admit, at the moment, it's hard to tell if his movie will be really good or really bad. The subject matter might sound a bit silly, but it does actually have some scientific grounding, so with this in mind it could be a good cerebral, sci-fi thriller. However, it is a story which could potentially go really wrong...

What do you think? Has the Transcendence marketing persuaded you we're in for a hit? Let us know below.

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