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Maggie Greene is a veteran of The Walking Dead by now, but that doesn't mean that fans of the tomboy and farmer's daughter with a steely personality should be any less worried...

In fact, Lauren Cohan, who plays the fictional character of the AMC show, has revealed that she's got her own reservations about how long her character can stand the test of time before turning into zombie food or encountering any number of other gruesome deaths, as is consistent with The Walking Dead. Yeah, no kidding!

In a recent interview, Cohen commented on the fact that she's worried about being killed off each and every week, saying:

It comes with the territory, I mean, it's what makes the show really thrilling. Of course I worry about it... I don’t want to go before my time.

Maggie has been on the show since Season 2 and it's definitely a possibility that she could die at any moment. That said, I'd be seriously surprised if she didn't get to the end of Season 4, seeing as we're still waiting for her to return to the loving arms Glenn (Steven Yeun) and see her little sis, Beth Greene (Emily Kinney). Then again, this is The Walking Dead - the cruelest show on AMC - who's producers have a penchant for making us weep.

What do you think, fans? Will Lauren Cohan's character make it out of Season 4 in one piece? Sound off in the comment section below!

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