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The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhaler has just appeared in a recent shoot for the Chinese edition of Esquire Magazine. The actor and ex-model showed how relaxed he is in front of the camera - and you can see him now in this behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot.

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Talking about the experience, Somerhalder said

“I’m really grateful to be here with Esquire and the images look amazing. Everyone here has been so great to me, so I’m very thankful.”

The video sees Somerhalder - who is now dating Nina Dobrev - talking Chinese, winking, dancing and generally looking relaxed behind-the-scenes. Have a look here.

And see the images the shoot produced below:

So do you think the Vampire Diaries star would be a hit in China, too? And is he the suavest vampire ever?

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Do you think Ian Somerhalder looks good in his China photo shoot?


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