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Ads for fragrances always made me wonder: How do you visualize a smell?

Dior answered this immortal question by casting hearthrob Robert Pattinson as the face of Dior Homme, and by letting him moodily romance a rather attractive blond in the black and white commercial.

But although former Twilight star Robert Pattinson may now be the super sexy face of Dior Homme, he wasn't always that cool! Rob opened up in a recent interview, and told the sweetest story about wearing aftershave on holiday when he was 12 to appear older...

It's really cute:

When I was 12, I remember being on holiday in Portugal and watching teenagers going into bars. I believed that splashing cologne would convince everyone I was an adult. I thought wearing perfume was the cool thing to do. That ... and hair gel.

As if we didn't love Rob enough!

Who would've thought that 12-year-old Rob would be making a concerted effort to smell so good! Kudos to the thesp that he's now man enough to admit some of the more embarrassing moments of his childhood!

While I'm skeptical that many guys out there are jumping at the chance to smell like RPattz, I'm betting there's a few chicas out there who wouldn't mind a hint of Rob about their beau! (Looking at you, female population of the world...)

What did you used to think would make you seem older when you were a kid? Confess all in the comment section below!

(Source: TeenVogue)


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