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So, have you ever taken time to consider the lyrics to Michael Jackson's famous song Billie Jean? Here is some information that will almost certainly make you think of it in a completely new light. There is an alleged 99.9% chance that 31-year-old Brandon Howard is Michael Jackson's illegitimate son with no other than Billie Jean herself.

Billie Jean who was born Miki Howard, is both the famous gospel singer and Brandon's mom. Michael knew her as Billy back in the '80's, where coincidentally a year later, Michael released his iconic song Billie Jean; which included the lyrics, "Billie Jean's not my lover" and "The kid is not my son".

According to TMZ, a DNA test was recently performed by an undefined lab, where the information was 'obtained by Alki David and his company,'. It provides an extremely convincing argument for the claim that Brandon Howard could well be Michael's son.

According to TMZ:

David told TMZ Live he got MJ's dental impression from a Beverly Hills doctor that he got at an auction. The impression is 30 years old but David says its filled with DNA. Brandon -- who now goes by B Howard and looks and acts very much like Michael -- was not present for the unveiling, but David says he had Howard's DNA and it matched up.

And here is the world famous song which was inspired by the story:

As for Brandon Howard, it seems like he's pretty overwhelmed by the unexpected exposure which he seemingly had nothing to do with:

So what do you guys reckon: MJ's son or just an incredibly uncanny resemblance?


Brandon Howard

Source: TMZ

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