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Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity might have irked the odd space specialist for its 'unrealistic' portrayal of some space facts, but it seems like the crew of the ISS have given the movie an out of this world endorsement.

Three astronauts, NASA's Michael S. Hopkins, Richard A. Mastracchio and JAXA’s Koichi Wakata all got together to send down a message of congratulations to the recent Academy Award winning director. However, although it's an interesting video, I have to admit, it made me crack up for about 15 minutes. For some reason the guy spinning in the background, and his expression of restrained delight, just makes me laugh in a way which has made me incredibly unpopular in the Moviepilot office. Check it out below:

I know, I know. I think I'm the only person who finds it funny...

The Goddard Space Flight Center has also recently set up a new Flickr account which is solely dedicated to incredible space photography. Interestingly, a lot of the pictures look like they could have been taken directly from Gravity. Check them out below:

What do you think? If you were given the opportunity, would you like to head off into space? Let us know below.

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