ByTanzima Chowdhury, writer at
Tanzima Chowdhury

As Mad Men enters its final season, the Season 7 trailer gives a glimpse of the beginning of the end. Last seen, Don Draper sabotaged his marriage and crushed his career--what else is left for him to do? Therefore, AMC will split a finale into two parts with the first seven episodes titled 'The Beginning' to air this year and a last set of seven episode titles 'The End of an Era' saved for next year.

Matthew Weiner, the show's creator, has admitted that he will miss the journey of Mad Men, but he is adamant that there will be no spin-off or film; this is it.

Watch the season 7 trailer to see what will befall Mad Men to its end!


Would you want to see a Mad Men spin-off/film after the show ends?


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