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As we know, 2013 was a very good year for movies. It was one of the closest Academy Awards battles ever. This is due to the amazing quality of films we had last year, such as: Her, 12 Years a Slave, Gravity, you know em' all. Not only that but we've seen some great non-Oscar films also like the hilarious This Is The End and also films with astounding visual effects like: Man of Steel. If you were to look at the difference between Man of Steel and Superman Returns (even though its only 7 years) it is crazy good. Every year special effects are getting better. Cameras have better frame rates (The Hobbit) and really, the quality in actors is very pleasing. What I'm wondering is: what's in store for the future of film? Well.. Here's how I think the (relatively) near-future will be like.

Video Game Adaptations

The Last Of Us (2013)
The Last Of Us (2013)

If you were to say to everybody 20 years ago how popular the Superhero movie phenomenon is they wouldn't believe you. This is how I feel with video games. I know right now there are many video game adaptations, but they're not done right. You could link it to how Daredevil and The Punisher were early Superhero movies, but there was no winning formula. When the video game to movie industry finds that winning formula, there will be no end. This of all the possibilities: Halo, Gears of War, Metal Gear Solid. The list is endless. All I'm saying is be prepared as soon the Superhero's will be old and over-done. Hence cue the video games.

TV Show Movies

Veronica Mars (2014)
Veronica Mars (2014)

TV shows often gather an immense amount of fans from all over the world that watch a show religiously. So when the idea of a movie for that show is rumored, the fans get very excited. This is not a phase Hollywood is going through.. YET. Later this month Veronica Mars will be released and has gathered a lot of buzz from all its fans. In the future I can picture TV shows and Sitcoms developing movies for their fans. How many times have you and your friend said: "They should make a FRIENDS movie!". A lot I bet. I would be a fan if shows did this, but only if they did it right.

Even More Reboots

Robocop (2013)
Robocop (2013)

Reboots are a very common thing nowadays and a lot of people despise reboots for killing their nostalgia (even when in some cases, the reboots are better). I don't see this trend wearing away. Its a winning formula. You attract the old fans, adapt to the new fans and you have a selling point to a lot of people. One example of a up and coming reboot is Annie that has a very modern twist about it. That's set for a December 2014 release and is sure to drag in money. Personally, I don't mind reboots, I think most people just have a grudge against them. All I can say is, don't expect to see reboots disappear for a while.


I particularly like a good indie film. I think they're nice, easygoing and just good cinema. Indies have recently gotten a lot better showcasing some of the best young talents the world has to offer (Miles Teller, Elizabeth Olsen). These films often strike an emotion or two in me and I love them! I can see them becoming mainstream, which isn't a bad thing! The Spectacular Now (pictured above) was a great example of wonderful indie filming made last year. There were some other notable indies like: The Kings of Summer, Don Jon, Inside Llewyn Davis, The Way Way Back and Drinking Buddies. All of which I enjoyed. With the growing popularity of film festivals I wouldn't be surprised if we seen a lot more indie movies soon.

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