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Robert Marshall Boyer

What if there was a DC and Marvel Superhero? Well, there is a superhero that blends DC and Marvel together. The superhero was created in 2003. Now there is a novel about the superhero called Knight Eagle: A New Breed Of Superhero That Fights Terrorism.

If you are a fan of superhero comics, you would come to love the new superhero that blends the universes of DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

Since I am a fan of both major comics, DC and Marvel, I have created a superhero called Knight Eagle. What best describes Knight Eagle is “Batman meets Captain America." Below is a concept image of Knight Eagle.

Knight Eagle is a new breed of superhero that fights terrorism. Like Captain America, Brandon Newman – aka Knight Eagle – is highly interested in the military. His father, Joe Newman, was a United States Navy SEAL for SEAL TEAM 6.

One day – in April of 2006 – a local hometown terrorist cell blows up a government building in the southern United States of downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. The terrorist attack influenced Brandon Newman deeply. During the aftermath of the 9/11-style terrorist attack, the 15-year-old Brandon Newman came across a wounded Bald Eagle – a godly Bald Eagle. Around one claw of the eagle, there was a gold eagle feather emblem. When Brandon walked up to the Bald Eagle, the eagle accidentally clawed Brandon’s wrist. However, he didn’t know the beautiful Bald Eagle clawed him.

After taking the wounded Bald Eagle to the veterinarian hospital, Brandon took the gold eagle feather emblem. Both the clawing and emblem transformed Brandon Newman – he became a “brand new man.” Brandon Newman became a super warrior called a Knight Eagle.

Brandon has one mission – find the local terrorist cell. He joined the United States Army 3 years after being clawed by the godly Bald Eagle, later becoming a United States Army Special Forces soldier – a Green Beret.

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Below is a radio interview about Knight Eagle. The 26-minute slideshow interview explains in depth about Knight Eagle.


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