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So here we are, waiting for yet another Star Wars film.

Growing up, I was addicted to films like Star Wars, Alien, Indiana Jones, etc. But I have come to realise that films like the before mentioned, just do not exist any more. Why? Generation WiFi can watch whatever they want, whenever they want. Whatever: Such as porn, snuff-like films, violence. Whenever: 24/7 connectivity. Mobile phone, tablet, laptop, PSP, DS, all of which can connect to the internet. Why should they be happy with standard camera tricks and meaningless special effects?

When I heard JJ was taking over the Star Wars films, I was quite happy. I remember reading that he was always a Star Wars fan, when he was working on Star Trek, and I thought to myself "Great, Star Trek will be the action packed film I like because my fellow Rebel was at the helm".

I was right! Star Trek (in my opinion) was a real treat. So what can we expect for Star Wars?


The camera pans down to a massive blue planet as a star ship floats past. (Lens flair)

Yes, the lens flair. So what! If you take drugs and consume a lot of alcohol, and walk down your local main street between 11-12pm on a Friday, you'll see flairs of light in your eyes. So, with this logic, lens flairs are realistic. So there!

As this is only my second post, I think it's best I end this article here. As I am starting to go off topic. And for anyone who is still reading, I say: Thanks, Mate!

Shaun, from Australia!


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