ByJemimah Emily Fernando, writer at
Jemimah Emily Fernando

Leonardo DiCaprio one of the greatest actors to this day who has had a very successful career in Hollywood and known globally for his roles in movies such as Titanic, Blood Diamond, Shutter Island, best of all Inception and now Wolf of Wall Street. Most will agree that he should have won an Oscar for his performance in the thought provoking film Inception. However, that is not the point! He doesn't need his acting to be validated by a golden statue! Many of the greatest actors never won an Oscar such as Cary Grant, Peter O'Toole, Harrison Ford, Johnny Depp and Richard Burton, and that in no way degraded or discouraged them. These actors are unforgettable and extremely talented!

Similarly Leonardo DiCaprio continues to make incredible and memorable movies and he will continue to make more and more movies regardless of the recognition he receives. Truth be told, no-one can die in a movie like Leonardo DiCaprio, you know it, his heart-breaking performances have brought myself and many others to uncontrollable tears of admiration and respect! He can can play easy going comical characters to serious, tense and emotionally driven characters to annoyingly obnoxious characters. He never plays the same role twice. Leonardo truly becomes his characters and you no longer recognize him on the big screen. I'll say it again, Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't need an Oscar!


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