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I'm an enthusiastic movie lover with hundreds of dvd's. Everything from Wuthering Heights 2009 to The Dark Knight and the Lord of the Rings
Silje Andrea Cohen

Ralph Fiennes is my number one favorite actor of all times. He is exceptionally good in his craft as an actor and he never fails to bring a character to life. I especially enjoy him in the Harry Potter movies. It can't get more brilliant than Lord Voldemort; the evil mastermind wizard with no scruples or limits of hunger for power. A more scary fictional character from a children's book you'll have to search long and hard for; and no one can play him better than Ralph Fiennes.

Another movie I really enjoy with Fiennes is the Gardener; I adore the chemistry between him and his co-actress Rachel Weisz. It's absolutely fenomenal!

Rock on Ralph Fiennes! You will be my number one forever; no matter what happens, you'll be in my heart forever and ever, until the end of my days. Best, Silje Andrea 14/4/91


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