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The taste of superhero movies have changed over the last 20 years. From Nippled Batman to Angry Batman, from Banner as Banner Hulk, to Ruffalo as Banner Hulk! Action movies in the 1990's were okay for the day, but are reminiscent to modern day Transformers... Michael Bay Action 'one-liners', that just won't fly in today's serious action films.

The worst film of 2013 was After Earth [Which also got a Razzie Award]. Heroes in the future, going off on a quest to become a man. No one wants to see that! Will Smith, your stock is becoming worthless... Do ID4-2!

Action films like Thor, Iron Man, Avengers, etc. are not called Sci-Fi movies, or fantasy based films, because they're not. They're legitimate action movies! Back in the 1990's [and yes, I'm basing this all on the 90's, because I'm a 90's kid!], these were fluff films, that would do poorly at the box office. Times have changed, and the kids of the 1990's have grown up, and in turn, demanded that they should finally take these stories seriously. All the nipples on Batman cannot measure up to The Dark Knight! Tim Burton could not have made bank on a subject like The Avengers! [I do wonder what a Tim Burton's The Avengers would look like...]

Don't get me wrong, 1990's had many a great sci-fi film [T2], and many a great action star [Stallone and Arnie], but it was the decade of the 'One-Liners', which are always good if they're placed just right [Puny God!].

What is your favourite ONE LINER in a recent movie?
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