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Matthew Chapman

It is really refreshing, after two crap tv show marathons, to watch something so amazing.

I had never heard anything about the books or this show until I started seeing posts on my Tumblr dash nearly daily and decided to give it a go.

I’m beyond glad that I did.

It has both dark, heavy scenes and funny, light scenes throughout a beautifully written series.

The cast is brilliant but both Sharon Rooney (Rae) and Claire Rushbrook (Rae’s mother) are, for me, the scene stealers of the show. Their relationship, although turbulent at most times, I think reflect that of an average everyday family.

What I like most about this show is it’s realness, it’s humanity. It’s not showy or over the top and it’s deals with real issues in a sensitive and honest way.

I could not recommend this show enough, I have already watched Series 1 twice.

Please note that this show deals with suicide, self-harm and mental issues so if any of this affects you, I would advise caution in making your decision on watching this.


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