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In a recent interview, Hugh Jackman said he thinks his days as Wolverine are numbered. For many fans this is a sad thing to hear seeing as he has been fans favorite Wolverine for years. Recasting is inevitable as Hollywood will be quick to get a new Wolverine out and spare no money. Its gonna be hard to replace such a fitting actor. Here are some people I would consider for the role. Leave comments on who you would pick!

Tom Hardy

English born actor Tom Hardy is really coming in to his own lately. He was great as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and showed his fighting skills in The Warrior. I love Tom Hardy as an actor and I think he could pull off Wolverine. He would definitely have the menacing look about him.

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill, betterwise known as Superman in Man of Steel is not a viable option obviously because he is tied with DC but you can't say he doesn't look like Wolverine in the above picture. He definitely has the physique to play Wolverine.

Michael Fassbender

Fassbender has been known to gain/lose weight tremendously for his roles and he could do the same to bulk up if he was Wolverine. There's no doubt the man can act as he's constantly showing his talents consistently. He is also in X-Men First Class so he's already in with Marvel. Could he be The Wolverine?

Bryan Cranston

Some could argue that Cranston may be too old. Which he may but that doesn't stop Hollywood when choosing an actor. He has the intimidation skills and the edgy look when he tries. One challenge would be for the actor in his 50's to bulk up. I'd love to see Heisenberg as Wolverine, how about you guys?

Jake Gyllenhaal

I'd love to see Gyllenhaal in the boots of Wolverine. He has the looks, he's in the right age and he's a great actor. He would also be a high-profile actor which would be better than some unknown actor in my opinion.

Lemme know who you guys would pick!


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