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Yes, that's right! With the first revelation of the next pokemon movie, Pokemon has also revealed a new pokemon.. Diancie! Diancie seems to have a very important connection to one of the more unusual pokemon in the latest games known as Carbink. Images of Carbink having new forms also surfaced with the release of the trailer.

Diancie was unofficially leaked earlier this year when a big-time hacker actually broke the coding to the franchise's latest games: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, and later revealed two other pokemon named Hoopa and Volcanion. It's also important to point out that Diancie highly resembles the games' champion. Some speculate Hoopa may resemble the game's psychic boss gym leader and Volcanion having a connection to the game's main villain: Team Flare.

Pokemon's past generations of TV series were recently added to Netflix for instant watching purposes.

Could the inclusion of Diancie in the upcoming movie indicate we might see these other two mysteriously hidden pokemon in the movie as well? Also, some of the characters revealed to be featured in the movie are rumored to represent possible Mega Evolutions for the starter pokemon Braixen, Greninja, and Chesnaught, as well as the pokemon Aegislash.


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