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As a fan of everything super, Michael feels it is his duty to release new and exciting details surrounding everyones favorite movies.
Michael Williams Jr.

We have now entered Phase two.

Some of you out there may be wondering what I am talking about when I say Phase two. You may all remember in the last 6-7 years Marvel has created itself as a movie empire, with such movies as Iron man 1 and 2, Thor, The incredible hulk, Captain America: The First Avenger, and possibly the most prominently remembered and most commercially successful movie in Phase One "The Avengers". These "Phases" could better be described as chapters, or building blocks introducing characters and ushering in tidbits of information which is crucial in understanding the next movie, or what happened leading up to a certain point in time. We all remember being told to stay after the credits in Avengers, either from our friends or on interviews we saw on the web, and is you DID stay behind for the credits in any phase one movie you would see a special clip, or scene, depicting a major building block into the main project (Avengers). You may have noticed that this occurs in every movie Marvels made in phase one, and by the looks of "Iron Man 3" will also continue to occur in phase two.

Now why am i telling you all this? The answer is because this information is crucial to events leading up to the next time The Avengers are called into action. Phase Two has begun with Iron man 3 which, in a surprise heart breaking ending we see our Armored Avenger removing the shrapnel crawling its way into his heart and in turn the removal of the beloved miniature arc reactor that (formerly) powered the Iron Man suit. This means that tony will develop not only a new power source, but also his armada of suits that were destroyed in the wake of the 3rd movie. So perhaps we will be blessed with seeing a new ULTIMATE version of himself, or perhaps even the introduction of his powers via Extremis (a virus which enables Tony the power to contain his suit inside his body to use it at will).

Also in a new and exciting update, Paul Bettany (everyone's favorite butler known as J.A.R.V.I.S) will - in a strange twist of fate - be playing "The Vision" also. The Vision, for those who don't know is an Artificial Intelligence android and main member of The Avengers who was created by none other than Ultron himself (oh the irony) sent out to destroy and/or capture them. After a quick fight the Avengers somehow convinced The Vision to join their side. I myself am getting more excited every day that passes wondering what they are going to do with The Vision, how will Paul Bettany do, how The Vision is incorporated into the Avengers or if he will even join them at all.

The next big news is the introduction of none other than Pietro "Quicksilver" Maximoff and Wanda "The Scarlet Witch" Maximoff. The son and daughter of Magneto, who also will be appearing in X-men: Days of Futures Past. This is an interesting spin as the two barely made it into the Avengers as it was, and also are not full time members of the Avengers. I am interested in seeing how they would be incorporating the two into the movie without ruining or revealing any of the storyline from the new X-men.

Marvel has to do something remarkable to beat the box office record of the last Avengers movie. I personally think they are on the right track. Introducing more Avengers will no doubt capture the audiences attention. But for us to be happy they need to do more than draw our attention, they need to somehow make it incorporate key aspects of these comic characters into the movie, while also maintaining a simple storyline.

What about you: do you think Marvel is on the right track to breaking The Avengers record?


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