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Angel Sabino

Yes, it's like over 7 months before Halloween is upon us again but that gives us time to ask ourselves; why don't we have better horror marathons?

I always look forward to Halloween for several reasons. The costumes, the NYC parade, what new cinematic jewel will be released on Bluray or DVD and the Horror marathons!!

Unfortunately I've noticed the last few years have been very lacking in what is being shown. I see the same films over and over being presented. The FRIDAY the 13TH series, ALIENS films, NIGHTMARE series and of course HALLOWEEN films usually run throughout most of October until the 31st. I say it's time for AMC, SpikeTV and SyFy to change up their lineups during these marathons. There is a plethora of other classic and modern horror films to choose from so here are some of my ideas.

I won't go into plot synopsis for most of these suggestions. If interested you should look them up on IMDb or Wikipedia.

I know we usually get the DAWN of the DEAD remake sprinkled in these marathons but what about other zombie films? If your a true horror fan then 80's Italian zombie films should be second nature to you.

THE BEYOND by Lucio Fulci is just a great film to watch in the dark on a stormy night. There were actually some scenes in INSIDIOUS Chapter 2 that reminded me of The BEYOND as I watched it. Makes me think if James Wan is a fan of the film. SPOILER ALERT - It does not end well!

CITY of the LIVING DEAD aka GATES of HELL also by Fulci. I actually saw this in a movie theater back in the 80's and it just blew my mind!! The scene with the regurgitating girl and the head drilling...Classic.

Fulci's The HOUSE by the CEMETERY is another film that will make you fear your basement.

Other films like BURIAL GROUND, HELL of the LIVING DEAD, NIGHTMARE CITY aka CITY of the WALKING DEAD, ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST aka DOCTOR BUTCHER M.D. are all other examples of Italian zombie films that would keep you up Halloween night.

RE-ANIMATOR and it's two sequels, BRIDE of RE-ANIMATOR and BEYOND RE-ANIMATOR topped off with the classic FROM BEYOND will leave you clamoring for more.

Sticking with the living dead / evil dead genre how about films like RETURN of the LIVING DEAD. Skip the first sequel but the 3rd LIVING DEAD film is a fun watch. Peter Jackson's DEAD-ALIVE and NIGHT of the CREEPS would be another great double feature.

The sad thing is many of these films are just too extreme for TV and would be butchered which is why we end up with the programming lineups we see every year.

My suggestion, if you don't own most of these films in your collection try to get them and make your own marathon. That's what I did this past Halloween and probably will do it again this year. So much to choose from to make it a night that will fill you with nightmares for evenings on end.


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